Our new loan product in Poland – renewable credit line

In 2022, loan companies in Poland underwent policy changes prompted by new government regulations focused on bolstering consumer protection and financial transparency. These regulations were introduced to tackle issues such as predatory lending practices, high-interest rates, and insufficient disclosure of loan terms and conditions. The aim was to create a more secure financial environment for borrowers, ensuring fair lending practices and preventing exploitative behaviors by loan companies. 

The changes have included measures to provide clearer information to borrowers, impose limits on interest rates and fees, and establish stricter eligibility criteria to promote responsible lending.

Henceforth, Nexu.pl found it imperative to modify its customary product offering. Allow me to acquaint you with our innovative financial solution, the Renewable Credit Line. The underlying concept of the Renewable Credit Line empowers customers to secure loans ranging from 1000 zł to 6000 zł, affording them the flexibility to utilize funds as per their requirements and at their discretion. Customers possess the liberty to withdraw funds from the credit line at their convenience, with the obligation to settle, at a minimum, 15% of the utilized amount within the billing period, which transpires after 31 days. This requisite payment facilitates the reinstatement of access to the credit line for subsequent withdrawals.

Looking at our data, we see that the new product offer suits our customers even better and we look to the future with optimism.

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