Implications of the war in Ukraine for Blue Finance’s operations

On the morning of Thursday 24 February, we woke up to the sad and shocking news of an extensive Russian invasion of Ukraine. The crisis also deeply affects us at Blue Finance and our thoughts are now with our Ukrainian colleagues and their families.

We have a significant IT development team in Ukraine and the most important thing for us at the moment is to ensure their safety. We have offered to evacuate all of them and their families, also those not directly employed by us, from the Polish border and to take them to safety in Warsaw. We have already had some of our employees transported to the Polish capital. In addition, one of our employees has been accommodated by us in Moldova, where this person is closer to ones relatives who have remained in Ukraine. Some of our employees are still blockaded in Ukraine and we are doing everything we can to help them by all available means. We have also offered financial help to those in the country and to their family members elsewhere in Europe.

Regrettably, no-one currently knows how long the war in Ukraine is likely to last. Our Ukrainian employees boldly continue to work as much as they can, but it is possible and likely that it will be more difficult to do so as the attack continues. This is why, we at Blue Finance have initiated the necessary measures to maintain the continuity and development capacity of our IT operations. The situation is therefore under control in terms of our operational activities.

Of the countries in which we operate, the crisis has had the most significant consequences for Poland. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine raises a whole series of huge diplomatic, economic, security and humanitarian challenges for Poland. Our team in Poland is constantly monitoring the situation and are doing their best to help refugees arriving in the country. The crisis has not had an impact on Blue Finance’s operations in Poland.

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