Blue Finance as an Investment ​​

Established in 2011, Blue Finance Ltd is an international online lending service that serves both consumer and corporate financing needs. With over a decade of experience, we’ve cultivated a diverse portfolio in these sectors.

Our commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service, combined with advanced financial technology, positions us as a key player in the market. We currently operate in Denmark, Spain, Poland, and Finland.

Filling the Market Gap

We fill a crucial market gap by providing rapid, flexible short-term loans to meet the immediate financial needs of both individuals and businesses, a service often lacking in traditional banks.

Tech-Driven Efficiency​

Our advanced algorithms streamline the loan application process, enabling quick, data-driven decisions for a seamless and efficient customer experience.

Risk Management Pros​

Our expertise in real-time risk assessment based on data ensures controlled risk while offering greater flexibility in loan approvals compared to traditional banks.

Customer-Centric Approach​

We prioritize trust and customer satisfaction, resulting in higher levels of customer happiness compared to traditional banks, making us a preferred financial partner.

Leveraging International Expertise

Our team of highly talented professionals supports our international operations, ensuring we excel in delivering financial solutions across multiple countries.


In Blue Finance Ltd, there are seven series of shares: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G shares.

The characteristics and differences of each share series are defined in the company’s articles of association. You can review the articles of association and the terms related to the share issuance through the following links.

Share Redemptions

The uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, coupled with decisions made by other market players, led to an unprecedented number of redemption requests starting from March 20, 2020. Redeeming a significant amount of investments in such a situation would jeopardize the company’s liquidity and force a significant reduction in lending.

Due to these exceptional and unexpected circumstances, the board of Blue Finance Ltd decided on March 24, 2020, to indefinitely suspend the redemption of B, C, E, F, and G series shares. This decision was made to ensure sufficient funds for the company’s ongoing operations and to ensure fair treatment of investors.

According to the Companies Act and Blue Finance’s articles of association, the redemption of preference shares is possible within the limits of the company’s free equity. Additionally, redemption must not endanger the company’s solvency. At the moment, the company does not have the free cash reserves to redeem shares from all shareholders who have requested it.

We are actively monitoring the development of the situation and will regularly reassess the decision related to redemptions.

Dividend Payments​

Dividends can only be paid on shares, including preference shares, from accumulated profits based on the approved financial statements. The distribution of funds should be based on the most recently approved financial statements and should take into account any material changes in the company’s financial position that have occurred after the financial statements were prepared. If there are no distributable profits, dividends cannot be distributed due to the mandatory provisions of the Companies Act.

During the 2021 audit of Blue Finance Ltd, it was revealed that there were no distributable profits, and therefore, dividend distribution was not possible according to the provisions of the Companies Act. As a result, we were obligated to suspend dividend payments starting from December 1, 2022. Dividend payments will be resumed as soon as the company has accumulated distributable profits.

Reports and releases

Explore our investor reports and releases for insights into our financial performance, future outlook, and ongoing events.

Blue Finance Brands operating in multiple markets

Blue Finance Group is growing as a financial service provider in Europe already operating in Denmark, Spain, Poland and Finland.

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