Our new loan product for used car resellers

Blue Automotive Sales – a brand new and original loan product for used car dealers 

Blue Automotive Sales or, as we call it, ‘BAS’, is the newest brand in the Danish branch that was launched in May 2022. This brand is an innovative financial solution directed solely towards used car dealers who wish to have more liquidity for improving and expanding their business.  

We see ourselves as a business partner working together with the car dealers and offering them advice and help as a part of the process. The process of the concept is that we agree on cars to buy in cooperation with the car dealers. Usually, they find cars that fit their clientele, skills, and experience so that they can sell the car. 

We then buy the car and make an agreement with the car dealer that gives them an exclusive right to sell the car on their premises. When they have sold the car, they buy it from us and still get the profit from the sale. We only charge a small premium fee.  

This business model has several advantages for the car dealers. Seeing as they do not have to use all their funds on building and maintaining a big and diverse inventory of cars, they can use their money in other ways.  

They can use their capital on expanding and optimizing their business in ways that they see fit. They can also choose to reinvest some of the free liquidity. These are all ways to increase their earnings and scale their business. In other words, our concept can create a positive snowball effect for their business and help them grow.  

The car industry is ever-changing and must keep up with the newest technology and demands from the consumers. This makes it a tricky market to navigate and only makes it more advantageous for the car dealers to be in dialogue with an external partner as BAS that can provide extra perspective, new insights and prevent blind spots in their business strategy. 

We have developed routines that are meant to make the processes as easy and simple as possible for the car dealers, so they can focus their time and energy on running their business.  

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