Empowering Your Financial Journey

Our mission is to enable individuals and businesses to realize their full potential. With over a decade of experience, we have helped our clients put their lives and operations on a new, better path with innovative financial solutions. 

Blue Finance currently operates in Denmark, Spain, Poland, and Finland.

What we do?

In the daily lives of every individual and business, unexpected opportunities and events arise that require quick responses. These situations demand fast and flexible loans, which traditional banks are unable to provide.

Blue Finance offers short-term, project-based loans that enable both individual and business customers to seize these opportunities swiftly, realizing their full potential and continuity in their operations – essentially, improving their lives or businesses without unnecessary worries.

By utilizing advanced models and algorithms, we can perform a situation assessment based on bank statements and registry data in milliseconds, making loan application easy and painless. A decision is reached in the time it takes to input your application on your phone.

We have a substantial knowledge base and expertise to conduct real-time risk assessments based on data, allowing us to be more flexible in loan decisions than traditional banks while still maintaining controlled risk – in other words, placing our trust in you. This is why our customer satisfaction is typically higher than traditional banks.

We are here to help you overcome challenges and swiftly seize the opportunities life presents.


Mission and Vision

We help our customers seize unexpected opportunities by offering fast and flexible financing.


We enable individuals and businesses to realize their full potential, guiding their lives or operations towards a new and better path.


We are committed to being the most reliable and innovative partner, creating a future where Blue Finance is synonymous with swift and flexible funding.

Corporate responsibility​

Our corporate responsibility strategy is built on six pillars: people, community, responsible lending, ethics, environmental management, and corporate governance. These pillars are essential for good business practices and maintaining a positive reputation.


We value diversity, inclusion, and engagement high on our people management. Good work-life balance keeps our employees motivated and happy at work.


We use a solution-oriented approach to solving customer problems. We strive to increase our customers’ financial knowhow by sharing information regarding financial management in our social media channels.

Responsible lending

We seek to reduce over-indebtedness by developing our customer-specific risk analysis tools and by emphasizing the importance of reading the credit agreements carefully.

Company Ethics

We value customer privacy and communicate with trust and mutual understanding. Our data systems comply with GDPR and other legal standards, ensuring strong security for customer data.

Environmental management

We encourage our employees to travel to the workplace as ecologically as possible. We keep our office electricity consumption low and we prefer renewable energy sources.


Ethical governance is at the heart of our business. We are actively working to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Blue Finance Brands operating in multiple markets

Blue Finance Group is growing as a financial service provider in Europe already operating in Denmark, Spain, Poland and Finland.

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