International expansion

Organic growth for a local company usually comes through geographical expansion. Blue Finance Group is not different, we had achieved great success in our home market Finland, and in early 2018 it was clear that the natural way for continuous growth is best achieved through geographical expansion to other business-friendly European countries.

Internationalization of Blue Finance is protecting the company from local pressure on regulatory changes. If a market situation in one country changes drastically – Blue Finance Group is better equipped to handle the turbulence as a multinational corporation.

Our Brands


As part of our international expansion, we launched our operations in Spain in April 2020. With the brand Azlo, we specialize in consumer lending.

Blue Automotive

Blue Automotive Sales (BAS) was founded in April 2022, and is a subsidiary under Blue Finance Denmark ApS with the branch code as a wholesale used car dealer.


In 2011, Blue Finance Finland was established, and we have been one of the leading consumer finance services in Finland. We have served over 200,000 customers with our versatile consumer credit services.

Finland & Denmark

Broaden is an operative brand of Blue Finance Corporate Lending Ltd. From Broaden, companies get a reliable corporate finance partner to situations where their business is facing different working capital needs.


Denmark was the first country to be launched in the ambitions for Blue Finance to becoming an international player. Operative brand, KreditNU, was a reality in April 2019.


In October 2019, we initiated operations in Poland, one of the largest markets in Europe, under our operative brand Nexu, specializing in consumer lending.

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