Blue Finance is a good place to create new

For Blue Finance, being the leading financial service provider also means being efficient in terms of technology. This means the company provides a dynamic and interesting workplace for developers to create new solutions to various technical challenges. Read the story of Alexander and discover what made him want to jump from his previous work in business to the ever-changing world of software development.

Alexander didn’t start out as a software developer. In the beginning of his career, he worked on various companies in various positions, mainly in business functions. Gradually his job began to also include aspects of technology. “I had a good understanding of what was happening in the business side and the technical team. I decided that I wanted to move into the action of the technical team”, he recounts. What particularly motivated Alexander was the fact that, as opposed to his previous job, he felt he was able to see the results of his work. “With software development, at the end of every day you realise that you did something, and you see the results. Some part of the functionality that didn’t exist before has now become a reality.”

At his previous organization, Alexander was assigned to a project that was done in cooperation with Blue Finance. Through this work, Alexander not only was able to work on some amazing things, but also see inside the goings of Blue Finance and meet a lot of good people with great attitude. Finally, this experience encouraged him to join the company in 2020.

Starting his job at Blue Finance, Alexander was immediately swept away in the fast-paced rhythm of the company. Mere months into his stay, the company launched a new branch of operation in Spain. “We build all the infrastructure and all the technical capabilities. I remember those first couple of days, we saw each loan application and tracked each step of it. It was all very exciting”, he describes.


Blue Finance creates an environment of continuous learning and adapting

For Alexander, working at Blue Finance is like studying at a university: Every day you have some problem that you don’t know the answer to. You need to study and investigate it to understand what the best solution would be. What makes the work especially interesting is that there are no clear yes/no answers, or one obvious correct scenario of how to proceed. “You think about all possible scenarios, you talk to your teammates and share your thoughts and opinions about what should be the best way to implement something. This is the way we make decisions”, says Alexander.

Blue Finance places a lot of focus on technological efficiency, and the company has recently undergone a year-long process to renew the company platform. Virtually all the loan application processes are automated, which creates exciting challenges for software developers to create programs that can be adapted to different situations. There are multiple steps that go into granting a loan: the program must be able to process information given by the applicant, gather further information from different sources, based on this information create a decision of whether the loan is granted or not, and in the case of a positive decision trigger the transaction and make sure that the money is transferred to the right person.

Alexander also notes that since Blue Finance is and international company with operations in several counties, the program must also take into account all the different situations and regulations specific to the market in question. This means the programs used must be easily modified to fit into various situations. “There are a lot of similarities, but also a lot of differences, and we need to keep this in mind when designing our tools. Our goal is to build a platform that consists of different blocks. Based on the specific market we can just orchestrate and design communication between these blocks”, he explains.


Energy from the versatile playing field and wonderful team members

What makes work at Blue Finance particularly exciting for Alexander is the way he gets to do various things in various fields. He is especially happy about the fact that the company uses multiple servers. “We have multiple areas, so you’re not stuck on one particular area, and it doesn’t get boring.” He also feels that his previous background in business gives him excellent understanding of the company’s big picture and priorities, as well as skills in communication.

Alexander’s favourite part of his current job is the ability to see the result of his efforts and the knowledge that the new features he has created bring a lot of value to people. He also commends the great team at Blue Finance and the versatile field of work. “I really appreciate the attitude of all the team members. If you have an issue, you can contact a team member to get help. The work also stays interesting because you switch from one service to another, and you have tasks with different specifics with different markets”, Alexander summarizes.

And what does Alexander think a new employee entering Blue Finance would encounter? “Definitely they will meet a good team with great attitude, as well as a variety of services. They will certainly be able to learn a lot of new stuff.”

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